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Meet Gennie

Gennie, is our lovely Envision, and marks our first memories on the road. Our first trip with Gennie was to the beautiful vineyards of the Hill Country TX and since then she has made many unforgettable memories for many, stretching as far as Arkansas and Florida. She is the perfect companion on your vacation, built for comfort and there to make your vacation dreams come true. Be a part of the Story!

Meet Orbit

Set sail and travel the Galaxy with Orbit our Starcraft, Orbit joined the family in 2021 and since then has travelled near and far exploring new lands, in search of great adventures. She has been the perfect Boondocking companion even as far out as Arizona, but still enjoys the pleasures found close to home, such as Galveston. If your looking for the perfect, cozy companion on your Vacation, look no further, Orbit to infinity & beyond.

Meet Pebbles

Pebbles is easily our most requested RV, and as such she wields many memories. Beach retreat in Florida, Hiking in Arizona, Road trip to San Diego, supporting families in Louisiana during the hurricane and much more. Pebbles has made joyful memories for many. Rent pebbles for your next adventure and be a part of the story.

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WE RV offers RV rentals and bookings for Katy, Houston, Sugar Land, Richmond, and West Houston. Whether you're a first time RV'er or an experienced RV renter, our goal is for you to have a hassle free experience and enjoy your RV trip. Our Texas RV rentals are available for your adventures. From camping, overnighting, national parks, state parks, lakes, and most any RV site that you can imagine, WE RV has you covered!